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Ghoradhongri is located about 40 km of Betul District, Madhya Pradesh, India. This place has a population of about 10,000. The railway station is connected to two main railway stations (nearby) i.e. Itarsi Junction (in Madhya Pradesh) and Nagpur (in Maharashtra). Most of the people come here by rail because of Sarni, 18 km from Ghoradongri which has an MPEB Thermal power plant and WCL - coal mines located in Pathakhera, about 15 km from Ghoradongri.

Major occupation for the people is working in coal mines and in the thermal power plant. Provision shops are common here in many houses. Many adiwasi called GOUND (a tribe in Madhya Pradesh) stay are near to this place. The language spoken here is Hindi. This place is connected with Sarni, Betul, Itarsi via road.
Ghoradongri Railway Station

New weekly market called “Gujari” has been started on Tuesdays while the Saturday weekly market still continues. Typical flavour of GOUND lifestyle can be seen at "gujari". Lot of adivasi ornaments can also be bought from this market which is in vogue in "modern world"

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